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The El Cortez Mansion Estate

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The El Cortez Mansion Estate
An Extraordinary Condominium Estate Residence
Ash Street, San Diego, California 92101
3,629 Sq. Ft./3 Bedrooms/3 Baths

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The Only Lobby Level Estate-Sized Residence at the Historically
Designated El Cortez Tower Condominiums.

Party Time / Let's say it like it is. This is a party house: a high-tech, designer-oriented, two-level bachelor pad extraordinaire. If there were such a thing as The Playboy Mansion, San Diego, this would be it at only half the price you would expect to pay.

Wrap yourself in a luxurious smoking jacket, light your classic straight Billiard, welcome guests chatting in what amounts to your own private lobby after leaving their car with a valet at the grand entry to your exclusive lobby level residence, the only first floor residence in the El Cortez condominium tower, invite your artists, jazz of course, to play and host an after dark party that would rival any held by the man, himself, that may not end till dawn. It's the real thing: secluded, private, quiet, with private access to pool, rear patios and spacious facilities both indoor and outdoor.

Price to Sell / Raising eyebrows with innovating style is the modus operandi of both the self-made man and woman of style; a one-off, standout, luxury residence is icing on the cake of a life well lived. It's one of those things easier said than done, though, because of the high-price of a Rolls Royce house or downtown penthouse-styled condominium.

This property, however, is accessible because it is priced at about half of what you would expect to pay for a similarly sized property elsewhere in downtown San Diego and, though a sleeper, it is every bit as new, luxurious and well appointed as any other.

The historic El Cortez site and tower have been completely refurbished throughout. They look and feel like a new development and new tower. This is something you will have to experience by a hands-on inspection yourself. The elevated drive, cathedral-styled entry door, and lobby are impressive to say the least. The door to this lower-level lobby residence, your home, Number 106, is located at the back of the lobby. Guests will not be required to ride elevators or lifts to visit; they will just walk up and knock after being buzzed in unless, of course, you walk out to greet them and stroll the golden arches of what amounts to your own private lobby.

It's priced to sell, so don't hesitate to visit this property now. Procrastinate and you will miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of the finest properties in town for half the price of a small, tight, upper-level unit with the ambiance and appeal of stacked cans of sardines, one atop another to infinity; well, way up there anyway. It's almost a giveaway and we're selling by Auction.

A Perfect Corporate Retreat / Alternately, this property is a perfect fit for a corporate entity in need of a well located, low-cost, low-maintenance, high-impact, turnkey executive residence for business travelers, long-term business assignments, consultants, project managers, temporary relocation housing, vacation stays or, even, a retreat getaway. The current owner has rented the residence for short term private and corporate use at rates exceeding $8,000 per month.

Ground level access, garage parking, a fantastic entry, beautiful lobby, historic location and ambiance all add up to a broad appeal to both persons and organizations in need or want of a sequestered resort-oriented residence for mixed personal and business use.

In business getting value for money counts for something. As indicated above, this property is priced at about half of what you would expect to pay for a similarly sized property elsewhere in San Diego though every bit as new, luxurious and well appointed. Value for money, the aim of every asset manager, found here.

A Fine Residence / Though the theme of this website is devoted to a larger use of this property than solely as a single family residence, it is a landmark property with cozy features and warm qualities expected of a single family home.

The El Cortez Mansion Estate is a one-of-a-kind, two-level custom home situated on the ground floor of the historic El Cortez Hotel and Apartments accessed through a grand entry and golden lobby.

Upon arrival, guests will take pause in awe of the ambiance of the historic building and glean with surprise upon entry at the hugeness of the swank designer-oriented residence, Number 106. It is an architectural gem with high ceilings, cutaway twists and turns to the unique floor plan, great room, bar, tall windows, custom window coverings, two master suites, one a loft, a triage third bedroom, two large European-styled shower-baths with bench seating, central heating and cooling, massive storage, in-unit laundry facilities, and secured garage parking. Home owner fees are estimated at $982 a month.

!!! Now Selling by Auction !!!

The El Cortez Mansion Estate is now selling by both conventional means and by auction. This is a strong indication of a willingness by the seller to consider reasonable bids.

A Sale-by-Auction Bid Form, Letter of Explanation and Instruction, and a Sealed Bid Envelope are available at the property or by email upon request. There is no minimum or maximum bid established. You can submit a bid using our exclusive non-binding bid form at any price whether "Up" or "Down" from the list price.

If you are a real estate agent or a buyer working with an agent and have questions regarding this property or the bidding process, or wish to submit a bid in person, by mail, email or fax, please call to discuss and coordinate the process with listing broker Darren Iba at the number below.

How to See this Property

The Cortez Mansion Estate can be seen most any time by appointment. Call Broker Darren Iba any time for information and access. The buyer will own a truly standout property.

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